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Career at Avaj

At Avaj we believe in the growth philosophy – growth for the client, the company, and the Avaj team. 

Engineers at Avaj have a freedom to think out of the box and try out new technology. With a healthy focus on R&D, we encourage our design and automation teams to continuously try out the latest tools and systems available in the market. These innovations can then be readily used in our projects to the benefit of our end users.

The higher-level management at Avaj is easily accessible to all employees irrespective of their designation or job role. Any employee can put forward an innovative idea or have their grievances heard freely and openly.

The Avaj team is one family with a common goal to improve the lives of consumers through manufacturing innovation – join us and let us together write your growth story.

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Design Team
  1. Mechanical Design Engineer
Automation Team
  1. Electrical control engineer
  2. Automation Engineer
Manufacturing Team
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